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  NEW!! POS Add-on $289





Save some of your hard   earned cash with our  Lite Version .

Only $99!

The Lite Version Excludes Retail Inventory & Vet Database.

ITS Kennel Grooming Training Software

We released the first version in December 2000. Presently, we are continuing to improve the software with the help of dog kennel and grooming professionals. 

Our newest release of ITS Kennel Grooming & Training is loaded with features and we’ve added the Daily View which lists all your kennel reservations and grooming appointments in one easy to use form.


Some of the Features

  • Digital Photos
  • Unlimited Users, Clients, & Pets
  • Network Capable
  • Track Pet Vacs & Other Info
  • Backup Process
  • Quick Views of Daily or Monthly Activites
  • Utilization Graphs
  • Easy to Use Invoice System
  • Inventory for Retail (Not in Lite Version)
  • Veterinarian Database
  • New!! POS Add-on

Virtual Tours & Demos


Daily View - Boarding


Grooming Appointment


  to get a DEMO CD for only $5.95!!

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